About Me

I’d be a contender for the title of Kitchen Dance Champion, if they judged for these things. And if they gave financial compensation for this too, well then I’d have found that magical sweet spot in the career venn diagram where the following 4 things intersect: what I love to do, what I do well, what others will pay me well to do, and what I would be proud of.

Alas, Kitchen Dance Champion is not a viable career option. So after getting my university degree, I’ve been plying my trade in the IT consulting field. After many years of drive and career engagement and satisfaction, all three of these things plummeted in the last couple of years.

In the spring and summer of 2014, I did some soul searching into why that is, and what I could do to get to that magical sweet spot in the career venn diagram. In late March 2015, I landed at GrantBook, and I’m much happier these days.

However, work is not (and should not) be all who I am. Above all, I am passionate about my family. I am a wife to my beloved husband, and mother of two lively girls. It is imperative to me that I am deliberately present in their everyday lives, because they bring me so much joy.

I’ve started this website and blog to give myself some structure and discipline for documenting, reflecting, and opining on all the aspects of my life. After all, it is the sum total of all my experiences that make my life worthwhile, and there is power in being able to articulate these stories to myself, my family and my friends. So welcome you, my handful of readers, to my fractured sort of memoir.

Stories and musings that may show up here:

  • Parenting is hard, any gleaning of knowledge I can use to be the best parent I can be, I will want to document! There will probably be some guilty confessions too.
  • Memories that have shaped me.
  • My experiences partaking in arts and culture, particularly dance. It feeds my soul.
  • News, current events and politics that are getting a rise out of me.

Maybe you’d like to check out these posts, to check whether there is proof in my pudding:

Thanks for visiting! ~Jen

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