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Jeneral finds of the week: 2015-02-15

Here are the good/interesting/provoking finds I’ve stumbled across this week: 2015-02-15

  • Lego! Who doesn’t love Lego, especially when someone is creative enough to create amazing things beyond the set instructions? There is this incredible replica of Michelagelo’s Creation of Adam: 
    Then there is also this astounding creation of Hogwarts by Alice Finch from the Harry Potter series, completely playable, taking 400,000 bricks and 12 months to build. Wow.Hogwarts


  • One of the things the husband and I have chatted about is the overwhelming stream of data and content that is generated these days, and how transient and ephemeral much of it seems to be. You cannot take for granted that something published online by an individual will be there in 2 or 5 years, much less 25 or 50 years from now. And even if it does exist, how can we deign its existence without relying on search engines, that arguably have a bent towards monetizing the results? The democratization of media and information in this information age is fine in the present, but will the democratic contributions of individuals last to be reckoned in history? This article from Nautilus is food for thought about the competing ideologies for cataloging and organizing information and created content. What is surprising is that the ideologies actually emerged over 100 years ago, with the boom in media creation of that period (radio, telegraph, phonograph records, movies, and more). Interesting parallel to our current times.