I did the 2015 Toronto Polar bear dip, and lived to tell this tale

I had missed hearing the countdown. The people in front of me just started charging into the waters of Lake Ontario. In the chaos of excited participants, wind, bare skin, and a belated realization that we should move closer to where T would be trying to take photographs, the countdown didn’t even register with me. My buddy A and I exchanged a look, and followed on in. The Toronto polar bear dip of 2015 was on. Continue reading I did the 2015 Toronto Polar bear dip, and lived to tell this tale

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year, friends! I hope this year greets you with the bright eyes of hope and the ambition of doing things that make you delightful.

Looking back at 2014, it’s safe to say that it was a year of transition for me. And while some of it (aka resigning from my job) took a lot of courage to move past the inertia of being in a familiar and comfortable position, I’d by lying if I wasn’t feeling anxious of what lies ahead. I’m sitting here feeling disoriented as I don’t have a firm destination in mind yet. That leads me to start feeling guilty about my apparent aimlessness, whether that’s fair to myself or not. So my overarching theme of 2015 will be to plot my destination, to have that plan fixed in my mind so I don’t feel so aimless.

Then on to victory!

May 2015 be fruitful for you as well. Cheers!