Santa skeptic in the house

“I don’t think Santa Claus is real. I think it’s just you and Daddy sneaking to the tree after we fall asleep and putting the presents there.”

These were the words uttered out of my 6-year-old‘s mouth yesterday evening.

I tried to keep my poker face on, but on the inside my jaw dropped.

“What do you mean honey? Why are you saying this?”

E1: “Like, how is Santa supposed to fit in the chimney and climb up and down, with the presents?”

Me: “Magic, of course. I mean, how else is he supposed to visit all the different children of the world in one night without using magic?”

She looked unconvinced. “I think it’s still you guys. And reindeer can’t fly!”

My heart broke a little bit…only 6 years old and already a Santa skeptic!  I chose to neither confirm nor deny, since her little sister was also in the room. E2 was delighted with the thought of Santa using magic to zoom around, so she either didn’t notice E1’s logical reasonings or didn’t care. Still, E1 didn’t seem very bothered by her conclusion, at least not yet.

Was it because we never made a huge deal about Santa Claus, making them write letters to Santa or taking them to see Santa in the mall? We have no Elf on the Shelf. Did we not put enough magic and effort into it? Not that I’m devastated if she already has figured it out, I’m mainly terrified that she’ll start spreading the news to all her little friends before they and their parents are ready. We’ll see what happens in the weeks to come as we approach Christmas. I have to admit, I am also proud that she’s thinking critically for herself, even as I’m sad about losing this part of her childhood innocence already!