Updating my About Me page

I admit it, my first try at my About Me page kind of sucked. But thanks to a WordPress Blogging 101 assignment I’ve gone and jazzed it up! Hopefully you agree that it’s a change for the better.


(Here’s the original text for your comparison)

I am currently a Manager of Technology by trade at Accenture. (i.e. IT consulting) I do this because I love problem-solving and being part of solving an issue or challenge for a client. Building and implementing elegant solutions to complex problems with smart, dedicated, and engaging people is my idea of fun.

However, work is not (and should not) be all who I am. I love partaking in arts and culture, particularly dance. I’m informed on news and politics, and am considering getting more actively engaged. I want to be the best parent I can be so my children can grow into amazing contributors to our family and society. I’ve started this website and blog to give myself some structure and discipline for documenting, reflecting, and opining on these other aspects of my life.

Above all, I am passionate about my family. I am a wife to my beloved husband, and mother of two lively girls. It is imperative to me that I am deliberately present in their everyday lives, because they bring me so much joy.