So You Think You Can Blog? (In other words, why I started this blog.)

During this leave of absence from Accenture, I’ve had the blessing and the curse that is “free/unstructured time” between the time I drop my kids off at daycare/school and when I pick them up.

The blessing is that I’ve been able to make progress on several of the items I had on my list to do during this break. Yay me!

The curse is my tendency to get sucked into “content consumption” online, which then also consumes much of the time in my day. In no particular order, these include spending time on Facebook, Reddit, Netflix, Digg, Youtube,  and news sites. And so the progress on completing my to-do list is, shall we say, spotty.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great to take the pressure and the stress off, and give a balm to my soul that has been seriously damaged by the last year or so at work. Dubbed by my husband as “The Summer of Jen”, I’ve really enjoyed this time to be selfish and just park my brain on cruise control.

But now summer is ending, a new school year is starting, and it feels right to shift gears and put my brain back into work mode, of sorts. Instead of passively consuming the content out there on the web, I am challenging myself to be a content creator and add my contributions to the stream. It doesn’t matter if the only people who end up reading this are a handful of my friends and family, it’s a call-to-action for myself to be a do-er again.

Hopefully my blog title is cheeky and yet clear enough to get the pun. (double points for saluting, like in the tv show How I Met Your Mother) Fortunately the domain name was still available too.

I don’t know exactly what I’ll end up posting on here, but I aim to be meaningful. Not just pithy remarks of 140 characters or less, constant status updates of my every thought and action (let’s face it, most of our daily routines are boring to others), nor pictures of my latest meal. Hopefully my collection of posts will paint a portrait of who I am, in this moment in time. Kind of like a poor woman’s memoir. 🙂

Time will tell if I succeed, but here is me jumping into it! ~Jen

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